Tuffpaulin covers

The name Tuffpaulin suggest highly TUFF-Tarpaulin. Tuffpaulin is made using German Machinery having reinforcing multilayered structure in order to provide strength in multiple directions. The ribbed reinforcements reduce the tearing incase of an induced puncture. The criss cross layers in the film make bonding perfect and practically non-tearable. This is a better alternate to HDPE fabrics,Polyethylene sheets and other coverings normally used in similar applications. Tuffpaulin is designed with Ultraviolet protection for usage as covers due to its flexibility , water proof properties, toughness, high puncture resistance, excellent tensile properties and superb tear resistance. The product is available in various thickness and colours.

Fumigation Cover

Truck Body Cover

Machine Cover

Tuffpaulin covers customization

RUST-X Tuffpaulin manufacture customized covers for Vehicle, Machinery, Khol, Construction sites etc. TUFFPAULIN is also known as TARPAULIN. It is widely used while farming, while working in rainy season, This can be also used in summer season also to protect from sun rays. We have various types of “Tuffpaulin” with various qualities with competitive price. We are also engaged in the sphere of manufacturing a wide range of two Machinery covers/ Construction site :  Covers that are manufactured with superior quality are light weight, shrink proof, water repellant, which are easy to handle and it does not damage the body of the machines etc. We do supply these types of cover for all defense department.


Water proof, Highly Durable, High strength, Easy to use, Easy to carry, Weather resistance.

GSM Available:

90,120,150,180, 200, 250, 300

Width: 1 feet to 12 feet


  • Cross linked structure.
  • Available with or without VCI.
  • Available in variety of colours
  • Ribbed structure for Hi-Strength Width upto 1000 inches.
  • Custom sized bags available.
  • Special cross laminated multilayer.
  • Made with UV or ultra violet additives.
  • Increase the puncture resistance and Enhance tensile strength.

Safety Information About TUFFPAULIN

Method of Using TUFFPAULIN

Unlike a tarpaulin , tuffpaulin is made out of special cross laminated multilayer films that increase the strength.

Tuffpaulin VCI Film is available in form of 2 dimensional bags, 3 Dimensional Bags and covers or in the form of sheet.

The product to be packed can be wrapped with RUST-X Tuffpaulin VCI film and then heat-sealed using a continuous tong type heat sealer. This results in the formation of an enclosed atmosphere with highly inert atmosphere which resists rusting.

TUFPAULIN does protect Sun UV X-RAY

In the western world tarpaulin is widely used in camping. Tarps can be laid on the ground to provide groundcover, and people can also sleep in the open air on a tarpaulin or tuffpaulinTarpaulins are also used to create a covered cooking area. When the hunters go out on the hunt for deers or other wild animals, the tarpaulins can be used for covering the animal for sometime before processing it.

At home tarpaulins can be used to cover wood, farm equipment, and a variety of other things around the house.

It can also be used to make temporary rain sheds, monsoon sheds, truck body covers etc.

Most tarpaulins are made with UV or ultra violet additives to make them last for a long time.

Safety Information with TUFFPAULIN

RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils donot contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or Polybrominated di-phenylether complying with the re-stricted substances listed in Article 4(1) of the RoHS Directive. RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils are also REACH Compliant for exports to the European Union.

Declaration of Tuffpaulin

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Revision No. 8 Revision Date: 1st April 2016

Available Colours

We are manufacture so we can also change the *user according color.







Need Help To Choose Right Tarpaulin for you !

When choosing a tarpaulin, the application it is going to be put to should be considered, as well as the weather conditions it is to be used in. For example, if you are looking to cover a roof for an extended time period, it will be worth opting for something of a heavier duty than a standard economy sheet; under the same conditions, a heavy duty sheet is likely to last much longer.

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