Tuffpaulin Sheets

RUST-X Tuffpaulin also possible to purchase large sheets of tarpaulin material and cut them down into a specific desired size.a typical tarpaulin is very thick and heavy weight, that resists high air,winds and airborne objects.

RUST-X Tuffpaulin film is available as tube, sheet or in the form of 3-D covers to wrap the equipment suiting the size of the equipment or the pallet. The film is very tough and cannot be stretched or punctured easily.

The TUFFPAULIN film emits protective vapors, which have the tendency to neutralize the moisture as well as form a multi-molecular film on the surface of the metal and inhibit the electrolytic process of oxidation.

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Available Colours

We are manufacture so we can also change the *user according color.







Need Help To Choose Right Tarpaulin for you !

When choosing a tarpaulin, the application it is going to be put to should be considered, as well as the weather conditions it is to be used in. For example, if you are looking to cover a roof for an extended time period, it will be worth opting for something of a heavier duty than a standard economy sheet; under the same conditions, a heavy duty sheet is likely to last much longer.

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