About Tuffpaulin

Hi-Tech International Group is the largest specialized polymer manufacturing group. It has plants in USA, France, Italy and India. Tuffpaulin aims at upgrading the technology of Tarpaulins.TuffpauIin has high functional strength ,tear and UV resistance and is made by Cross Lamination Technology

Our group has many Multilayer lines, Co Extrusion Lines,Twist film manufacturing plants, printing machines , woven fabric tape line plants, lamination plants in 3 locations across India namely Mumbai, Gurgaon and Ludhiana with a new site upcoming in Bangalore. We also manufacture our products in Los Angeles, California, USA, Modena Italy & Lyon France .

We take pride in our product, technology and assure that our clients earn respect from our sales of our product. 

What is Trapaulin?

A tarpaulin is a material which has been designed to be treated to be waterproof or water resistant. Tarpaulins used in a large range of applications for everything from providing shelter from inclement weather to protecting flooring. It is sold in hardware stores sell tarpaulins or Tuffpaulin as they are sometimes called and it is also possible to purchase large sheets of tarpaulin material and cut them down into a specific desired size.

Tuffpaulin is a special type of tarpaulin. A typical tarpaulin is very thick and heavyweight, that resists high air, winds and airborne objects. Tuffpaulin tarpaulins are produced in a woven pattern, that makes them rough and stiff to the touch. They also typically have thicker folded and sealed edges with eyelets, making it possible for people to run rope and hence the tarpaulin can be tied it to various objects. Tarps are available in many color options which makes them very easy to spot.


6 Layered Technology
  • Totally waterproof
  • Stitch-less welded seams
  • Multi Layered Technology
3D Ribs Technology
  • Revolutionary design lasts 5 times longer
  • Metal reinforced grommets
  • Unique design resists abrasion and tears
UV Resistant
  • Doesn’t not tear in sun
  • No Color Fade
  • Does not dry or become brittle in sun